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Services Offered to Owners and Developers

IBT can provide the following technical support in connection with the external envelopes of major buildings:

Technical vetting of proposals concerning:

  • Planning applications to help minimise inflexibility.
  • Architect's specifications & drawings for ease of procurement, value for money, reliability, and limiting medium & long term maintenance.
  • Detailed designs for possible leakage paths, premature failure mechanisms, and unreliable products & details.
  • Quality assurance systems & controls.

Technical vetting and inspections of:

  • Manufacture of glass related products.
  • Lab testing for weather resistance & acoustics.
  • Fabrication & assembly of curtain walling, windows and rainscreen cladding.
  • On-site workmanship.

Inspections undertaken:

  • During construction to help verify workmanship and specification compliance.
  • Post-construction, in the event of leakage or other defects.
  • Due diligence & condition surveys in connection with building purchase, maintenance planning, and facilities management.

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