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Services Offered to Lawyers and Their Clients

IBT can provide the following expert witness services in connection with the external envelopes of major buildings and certain internal finishes:

  • Traditional expert witness services
  • Single joint expert services
  • Advice on cases where another expert has or will be appointed as the Single Joint Expert

Dr. W. Wolmuth of IBT has acted as an expert witness in a number of legal cases and has had training in: the New Civil Procedure Rules; giving oral evidence; and acting as a single joint expert.

Subject areas covered:

  • Most aspects of the facades of buildings, including: curtain walling, glazing, windows, rainscreen cladding, brickwork etc.
  • Most aspects of roofing, including: profiled metal roofing, felt roofing, single ply membranes, asphalt, and tiled roofing. Also, rooflights, glazed roofing and atria.

Services are routinely provided in connection with allegations concerning specification, design, workmanship and maintenance. The issues involved usually relate to weather resistance; structural performance and/or materials problems.

Services offered include:

  • Technical reviews.
  • Technical inspections and investigations.
  • Case related research and literature surveys.
  • Case related document searches.
  • Technical assistance in preparing Statements of Claim and in preparing counter-claims and defences.
  • Writing reports for Court.
  • Technical advice on remediation.
  • Attending meetings with other experts, when instructed.
  • Agreeing joint expert statements for the Court.
  • Giving oral evidence in Court.

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