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Expert Witness Services in Connection With Litigation


Details of the range of services provided by IBT may be viewed by clicking on "Services offered to Lawyers". Examples of cases undertaken by Dr. Bill Wolmuth of IBT include:

Case 1:
Investigation of extensive leakage through a new reclad of a 1960's 9 storey building, due to defective design, and advice upon remediation. Appointed by Main Contractor who was a defendant. Settled out of Court.

Case 2:
Appointed by Plaintiff (the victim) who fell through a glass rooflight, resulting in very major injury. Advice provided on 15 Standards that applied to the 30 year old rooflight. Plaintiff gained an acceptable out-of-court settlement.

Case 3:
Appointed by a potential defendant (Main Contractor) to inspect a glass dome through which a workman fell.

Case 4:
Appointed by insurers for Defendant (the building owner), following a bay window collapse upon window replacement, causing major injury. Plaintiff withdrew case upon exchange of experts' reports.

Case 5:
Appointed by roofers pursuing factory owner in connection with part non-payment following roof overhaul. Numerous issues involved. Trial included two full days providing expert evidence on causes, proposed remedials and costings.

Case 6:
Appointed by freeholder of property following structural movement upon bay window replacement.

Case 7:
Appointed by Main Contractor, a defendant in an arbitration concerning leakage through the 5000 sq.m. roof.

Case 8:
Appointed by Main Contractor, one defendant in a case concerning nickel sulphide inclusion failures of toughened glass. Services provided included a world-wide literature survey of relevant publications since 1960. Case settled out of Court.

Case 9:
Expert witness services in connection with the fall of a window from an upper floor of a multi-storey in high winds.

Case 10:
Expert witness work in connection with a Planning Appeal regarding a new building that was allegedly designed and built fractionally higher than the permitted height. Input included inspection and measured survey of the building; review of available documentation; preparation of a written report for the Appeal on the range of technical solutions available and the associated costs; and giving oral evidence. Planning consent was duly granted subject to minor works being undertaken to assuage concerns about the visual impact.

Case 11:
Expert witness work in connection with litigation concerning new facades that were allegedly defective. Towards the end of the building's construction programme, the main contractor's contract was terminated. The Client then partly took down the facades, re-erected them and sought recompense. Input has involved expert witness work commissioned by the main contractor.

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