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Other forms of roofing

IBT has investigated problems, undertaken condition surveys or otherwise advised on roofing waterproofed using a variety of materials including asphalt, felt, single ply membranes, roof tiles, zinc and copper.  Examples are given below.


An insulated, pitched, tiled roof to an office building had leaked since construction more than five years before.  Investigations indicated that the head lap had not taken account of the truncated interlocking side lap detail.  As a result, the truncated side lap's lower end was level with the nail fixings to the tiles beneath.  Water penetrated the roof tiling and then leaked via torn underlay beneath.  The insulated pitched roof also lacked a vapour control layer to the warm side of the insulation.  The roofing was removed and re-laid, taking the opportunity to upgrade the build-up to current roofing British Standards and to incorporate a vapour control layer.

Detail showing inadequate headlap.

IBT routinely undertakes condition surveys for tenants or landlords and due diligence surveys for prospective purchasers of major buildings.  The photo shows a distressed asphalt upstand identified during the condition survey of a major office building's roofing and facades.