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Glass: single, double & bolted glazing, structural glass assemblies

Services routinely undertaken on new projects include:

  • technical vetting of specifications to check that the glass related requirements are deliverable without being unduly lenient
  • technical vetting of glass configurations proposed by curtain walling tenders
  • assisting with value engineering
  • assisting with preparation of a glass risk assessment for the proposed glass configurations
  • technical vetting of the proposed glass supplier(s)
  • vetting glass processing for project
  • ad-hoc support to project teams as and when required

Services on existing buildings include:

  • condition surveys as a part of planned maintenance
  • due diligence surveys when buildings are being purchased
  • glass related inspections
  • defect related investigations in connection with unexplained breakage; suspected nickel sulphide induced breakage; surface defects; interlayer defects; condensation in double glazed units etc.
  • expert witness services in the event of litigation


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Above: Vetting glass processing

Above: an oven for heat soaking of toughened glass to reduce the risk of spontaneous fracture due to nickel sulphide inclusions

Above: epicentre of cracking induced by a nickel sulphide inclusion

Above: failure of a fire resistant glazed unit due to water ingress and ultraviolet attack